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Trust in Advertising - Victoria Michaels Trust in This Story’s Greatness!

I’ve been hoping to read Victoria Michaels’ contemporary romance Trust in Advertising for some time. The romance is fun and flirty, the villain unspeakably vain, and the character development quite strong.

Lexi White is a twenty-something young woman trying to find her way. A wallflower in high school, Lexi had a major crush on the popular Vincent Drake (but of course he didn’t know she existed). When her father became ill, Lexi decided to forgo an Ivy League scholarship to take care of him until his death. Now she’s going nowhere in her job and love life, but at least she has a feisty best friend living in the apartment across the hall -- Hope.

Hope convinces Lexi to take a chance on her dream job in advertising. She lands a position assisting the meanest advertising VP around – an executive who’s dating the supermodel “Jade” – you guessed it . . . Lexi’s high school crush Vincent Drake.

Vincent doesn’t recognize her from their high school, and he behaves in his typical disrespectful way with her. But Lexi the former wallflower is no shrinking violet. She stands her ground with sweetness and determination.

It’s great when Lexi antagonizes the narcissistic Jade, who refers to herself in the third person:

”Just know Jade’s watching you.”
“Lexi will try to remember that.” Lexi got up from her desk.

Hope gets into the act when she comments on why so many of the male models around Jade are gay:

”If they’re stuck working all day with ball-devouring hags like you, I can see how that would turn them off to the entire female population,” Hope remarked.

I loved Lexi and Vincent’s dance at a charity event, which shows Lexi’s complexity –- she’s competent and clever, yet also insecure:

Immediately, Lexi felt something hard beneath her foot. “Sorry.” Her cheeks flooded with a deep blush.
“Something tells me that you’re used to being in charge. Why don’t you let me lead, and I’ll take care of you for a change?”

Hope calls the dance a “close encounter with the hunky kind.”

Vincent’s niece Madison is adorable, and she allows Lexi to see the gentle, caring side of Vincent. They attend Madison’s tea party together:

Madison rummaged through the bag before pulling out the biggest, pinkest, most disgustingly feather-laden hat. Lexi cringed.
“That one would be perfect for her,” Vincent quickly said with a wicked grin.
“No, silly, this one is for you. Lexi’s allergic to feathers. She told me when she got here.”
Lexi smirked triumphantly across the table as Maddie planted the hat on top of Vincent’s head, the feathers falling in front of his eyes.

Vincent’s mother plays a key role by infusing Lexi with a sense of professional confidence.

This won’t make sense unless you’ve read the story, but I loved Vincent’s simple text:

It was a very big deal.

I really enjoyed the exploration of trust in the story, and I totally swooned for Vincent. My one criticism is that I think the editing could have been tighter. In particular, I think the dialogue toward the end was a bit too long and flowery.

Trust me . . . this is an excellent read!