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Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) - Colleen Hoover Slammed by Compelling Characters and a Bit Too Much Drama

What an awesome New Adult Series! Poetry and I typically don't get along, but Colleen Hoover's slam poetry and I are best buds. This review is rather spoilerish so please go no further it if you haven't read this series.

Will and Lake have to juggle college and parenting their younger brothers -- no small feat. Yet they perform their parenting duties with aplomb. I wish their relationship skills were as adept. Lake's mother's dying wish was for them to wait to have sex, and the wait is killing them.

Will sums up the sizzling sexual tension between Lake and him with this slam:

Twenty-two hours and our war begins.
Our war of limbs
and lips
and hands...
The point of retreat
Is no longer a factor
When both sides of the line
Agree to surrender

Finally! you think. Then the sh*t hits the fan. It's clear Lake is younger than Will by the way she handles things. Girlfriend's also got low self-worth, as evidenced by her question to Will:

"Do you think she's right about the possibility of you being with me because of our situation? Because you feel sorry for me?"

Of course Will denies that possibility, but Lake doesn't listen. How butterflying frustrating!

I like a fair amount of drama (and I realize these two have been through hell so the relationship won't necessarily be smooth), but the accident toward the end is over the top for me. I do admit that the scene in the hospital where Lake's younger brother Kel speaks to Will tore me apart:

"Will?" Kel says.
"Yeah?" I reply. I'm too tired to look at him. I can't even keep my eyes open.
"what'll happen to me? If . . . she can't take care of me? Where will I go?"

Just like in Slammed, amazing characterization abounds in this story. Their neighbor Kiersten is a hoot. She's 12 going on 45, and I love her mother's medicinal concoctions. Eddie and Gavin are great too.

My favorite part of the story is the jar of stars Lake's mother left for them, to help them weather the difficult times. How beautiful.