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With No Remorse - Cindy Gerard Book Six in Cindy Gerard's Black Ops Series is another sizzling, dangerous addition. I'm seriously impressed how this author creates such a unique story for each book in the series.

With No Remorse takes place in Peru and features "Doc" Luke Colter, the BOI who sews up his brothers in arms when they get wounded. In the previous book Luke almost died when gunmen pumped him full of bullet holes. He hated being the fixed up instead of the fixer. Understandably, now he has a confidence problem--a healthy dose of fear and a doubt that he should continue this perilous lifestyle.

After spending his vacation administering health care to the indigent natives in the Peruvian mountains, Luke boards a train to rejoin the gang. On the train he notices a tall, thin boy dressed in expensive clothes, hat, and sunglasses who doesn't look quite right. Then he gets the "itch" that something bad is about to go down. But when nothing materializes, he settles in for a snooze.

On a huge yawn, he settled his stained, brown leather fedora lower over his forehead, determined to catch a few z's before the train hit Cuzco. That's where he'd catch his flight back to Buenos Aires and return to life in the kill zone. Crossing his arms over his chest and his battered boots at his ankles, he slumped further down on the hard bench seat and closed his eyes.
He was almost asleep when he felt the itch again.
His eyes snapped open.

"Rifle-wielding banditos" burst onto the stopped train. When Luke realizes they're hunting the teenage boy, his protective instincts kick in and he saves the boy.

As they jump off the train and tumble down the hill, Luke has another surprise awaiting.

The "boy" is none other than Valentina, supermodel.

Valentina has been on vacation herself, nursing her wounds following a very public divorce from a handsome California senator. She has no idea why men want to execute her, and she and Luke don't have time to sit and ponder because the killers are right behind them. Luke uses his abundant skills to try and keep one step ahead of the gun-toting assassins.

Luke has been fantasizing about Valentina since his horndog teenage days when she was featured on a billboard. To see her in the flesh, to save her life, to keep her safe...*gulp*. He's got it bad!

But like the other BOI's, he's full of honor, and won't make the moves on a terrified, defenseless woman without her invitation.

Lucky for Luke, his feelings aren't one-sided. I adore Luke's Fedora, and Val does too, nicknaming him "Indy".

At one point Luke and Val meet up with the team, and I love the description of Crystal, a character from an earlier book:

Val turned toward the sound of the feminine voice as a petite redhead rushed into the room. She wore camouflage pants tucked into combat boots, a snug tan T-shirt that showcased voluptuous breasts, and gold hoop earrings that a pair of canaries could have used as perches. Her hair was styled in short, spiky wisps around a stunning pixie face; her eyes were snapping green and her arms were open wide.

One thing that's slightly annoying is how every BOI is a gorgeous, muscled man and each of their women is a stunner too. But I do like the varied characterization of each man. And the writing is wonderfully blunt and descriptive--perfect for a romantic suspense story.

I had the opportunity to meet Cindy Gerard at the Romantic Times convention earlier this year, and I can't wait to read the last book in this series, which she also signed for me.