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Game On - Kyra Lennon Compelling Love-Hate Relationship

I love sport romances, and Game On by Kyra Lennon is one of the best. I met characters Leah Walker and Radleigh McCoy during the A to Z Blog Challenge, when Kyra posted vignettes written by them. Then I was intrigued, and now I'm happy I know these characters better.

Leah is a physiotherapist who has fled her past of bar hopping and one night stands in small town England to accept an exciting job with a Major League Soccer team in Los Angeles.

The best player on the team, Radleigh, is a womanizing cad. He really irritates Leah (hmm, is this hate-hate or love-hate?) and she's one of the only people who dishes it right back to him.

"Your dad was a soccer player too, right?" I asked.
"Yeah, and my grandfather too. One day I'd like to have a son following in my footsteps."
"After all the woman you've slept with, you might already have a whole soccer team you don't even know about."

Ouch! One thing I like about this story is that Kyra never leaves the characters stewing for long with conflict or misunderstanding. Here Leah takes a small step toward detente with her unplanned confession:

"A quickie in some groupie's hotel room might satisfy you," I snapped, "but that's not my thing."
"How do you know if you've never tried it?"
"I have! It made me feel cheap and dirty, and that's why I don't do it anymore!"
He stared at me in surprise. He'd been trying to get under my skin, he hadn't expected me to confess the sins of my past.

Leah is quite a likable character due to her spunk and humor. I cracked up when she has this conversation with her bff Freya:

"Was I even right?" she asked, dryly.
"About what?"
"Did he call out his own name when he reached orgasm?"

Leah starts dating one of the coaches, Miguel, who's kind and handsome. But she never really stops thinking about Radleigh. When Radleigh suffers a bad concussion, Leah feels strangely worried about him.

This was a fun and playful romance until Radleigh shows a deep perception of who Leah really is, increasing the emotional intensity of the story.

"I've seen it a thousand times before and you're no exception, Leah. You're feisty, and independent. I'm sure Miguel was very nice and all, but he wasn't right for you. You need someone who challenges and excites you."

At this point Leah (and the reader) start to see Radleigh in a different light, and I was fascinated by the development of his character (Leah's too).

The chapter titles were fun, like "Chapter 6: There's a Teenager Inside Every Man"...amen! I did notice a few inaccuracies, like calling the team's athletic trainers "medics" (I'm guessing that's what they're called in England?) and a little confusion about flying across time zones in America, but these were very minor.

This was an excellent read and I'm hoping this will start a series exploring some of the side romances in this novel. Great job, Kyra!