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Risk No Secrets - Cindy Gerard Book #5 in the Black Ops, Inc. series was good but not great for me. Not every book can be a 5 star read, right? I think I'll take a little break before I hit #6 and #7. While I love the authenticity and action of this romantic suspense series, the characterization has become slightly stale, particularly when the romantic leads repeatedly gush over each other in their minds. I get that each BOI warrior has integrity and courage, and each woman he's paired with is beautiful and strong. I think I'd like more variety in that formula. However, I do applaud Ms. Gerard for the unique plot she develops for each book.

The hero of Risk No Secrets is Wyatt Savage (great name!), a compact Southern boy who likes to call women "sugar". Back when he was training for the CIA, he had the hots for his Spanish instructor, Sophie Baylor. Unfortunately, his handsome buddy Hugh also found Sophie "caliente". When Hugh married Sophie, Wyatt played the loyal friend and tried to support them both. But he never stopped holding the candle for Sophie.

Fast forward over twelve years, and Sophie's now a teacher in El Salvador. Similar to the BOIs, Hugh became a gun for hire after retiring from the CIA. Unlike the sweet, loving BOIs, Hugh has grown cold and dark from the work. Sophie wanted to adopt a daughter and Hugh didn't, increasing their conflict and leading to divorce. When a kidnapping attempt puts Sophie's daughter in danger and she can't find Hugh, she calls Wyatt.

Of course Wyatt comes to help, bringing his BOI entourage. They go about the frustrating business of tracking down the kidnapped girl, but keep coming upon dead ends. I thought the story picked up with the arrival of Hugh. Sophie's suddenly embroiled in a love triangle.

Warriors, she thought, and felt her heart swell with pride. Pride for the man Wyatt was. Pride, even, in Hugh, because he'd apparently dug deep and found that part of himself she'd once respected and admired.
These men had been friends once. Brothers. And no matter that she and Hugh had gone separate ways, she had never wanted to come between them.

We're blessed with a little Johnny and Crystal Reed to lighten things up.

"I know a way that you could make me smile." Johnny tilted his head and grinned his best come-hither grin.
Crystal's fingers continued to fly over the computer keys. "That's because you're easy."
"You say that like it's a bad thing."

Sidenote: I'm curious how one could use the word oenophylgia in a Scrabble game. How do you create an 11 letter word like that with 7 tiles? Also, remind me never to visit El Salvador. I'm not a big fan of humidity and it sounds hellishly hot down there!

Anywho, Cindy Gerard is a fantastic author and I'm very glad Buggy has recommended this series to me. I definitely recommend it!