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Untamed - Pamela Clare I wish I could transport back in time to 1758 to meet these brave, rugged, loyal Scots known as the MacKinnon brothers. Oldest bro Iain impressed me with his integrity and sexiness in Surrender, but middle bro Morgan wooed me even more in this novel. And I can't wait to read youngest bro Connor's story in Defiant, which I hear might be the best yet!

What a great plot. The prologue occurs at Fort Ticonderoga, a French stronghold. Amalie, a sweet teenager of mixed French and Abenaki Indian heritage, mourns the death of her father at the hands of the dreaded MacKinnon brothers (who are forced to fight for the British king they despise).

Flash forward over a year later and the British try to take down the fort again, and again they fail. This time the middle brother Morgan gets wounded and left behind. He's shackled to a table *fans self* and barely survives his bullet wounds. Nursing him back to health is--you guessed it--Amalie. If Morgan doesn't betray his brothers and his unit, he will be beaten and turned over to the dreaded Abenaki to be burned to death.

I love stories about star-crossed lovers, and this is one of the best. Of course Amalie at first hates Morgan, blaming him and his men for her father's death. But his gentle kindness and self-sacrifice slowly eat away at her resolve.

I believe French is such a beautiful language, and Amalie is adorable when she inserts little sayings into her monologue.

"Then you wish to marry?" Morgan's voice was deep and as smooth as midnight.
Overwhelmed by him, Amalie stammered. "I-I thought I did, until..."
"Until what?"
She felt heat rush into her cheeks and knew she was trapped, cornered by her own words. "Until Rillieux kissed me. Now, I...I'm not sure I want a husband. I do not think I would find happiness in being a wife."
His eyes narrowed, his gaze upon her as if he were studying her, a grin tugging at his lips. "There's one wee kinch to your thinkin'. What Rillieux did to you--that wasna truly a kiss."
"It...it wasn't?"
"Nay, it wasna." He reached out, wrapped an arm around her waist, and--mon Dieu!--she knew what he meant to do. "THIS is a kiss."

French also divides them when Morgan pretends not to understand the language in an effort to spy on the French soldiers. Amalie won't be too happy if she learns he's lied.

The romance is sweet and sizzling, and I found this novel to be a total page-turner. Thank you for yet another awesome story, Pamela Clare! You're quickly becoming my favorite author.