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Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward So what happens to a human who lives with vampires?

This is the question of the Black Dagger Brotherhood's fourth book, featuring Butch--the tough cop we meet at the beginning of the series.

Butch still pines for Marissa, a dainty and proper member of vampire royalty. He tries to drink his troubles away one night only to land in the clutches of the lessers. He comes face to face with the Omega, who inserts some of his blackness into Butch. (YUCK!)

As the knife came up and hovered over Butch's abdomen, Butch screamed. And he was still screaming as a shallow slice was made into his belly. The the Omega picked up the little part of itself, the black digit...and inserted its fingertip into Butch's gut...The skin sealed up, the flesh knitting together. Immediately, Butch felt the rotting inside him, sensed the evil worming around, moving.

*shudders* Infected Butch's blood is now black. I had to laugh when Buggy warned me that his blood wasn't the only thing turning black, as we later learn in an intimate scene. The blackness threatens to take Butch's life.

V rubbed his face. What the hell was he going to do without that smart-ass, tough-talking, Scotch-sucking SOB? The rough bastard somehow smoothed the edges of life, probably because he was like sandpaper, a scratchy, persistent wrong-way-rub that left everything more even.

What a unique and accurate description of Butch: sandpaper.

Parts of one character's transformation into vampire were fascinating, like the incessant word "Mine" pulsing through his brain:

His mouth opened of its own accord, and he let out a deep, rhythmic purr that ended in a growled word: Mine.

But the actual process was a bit confusing. The individual bleeds out until his heart stops? And then vampire blood is injected into his heart? But if that doesn't work he needs to feed?

J.R. Ward is just so cool. I love the Brothers' dialogue and the stream-of-consciousness thoughts by characters like Butch:

The sequence that came next was quick and efficient, proving that crime, like his Southie accent, was something he'd never quite lost...When he got to the stop sign, he came to a full-tire halt: Following traffic laws when you were in a stolen vehicle was mission critical. As he hung a louie and headed down Ninth, he felt bad for whatever Joe he'd just royally f'ed over. Losing your wheels was not fun.

And what was he doing now? Going after a female whose life was already a mess. Just so he could join the shit parade that was marching all over her...

Christ. Lately, it was like his body was a Glad PlugIn that couldn't make its mind up. But at least this spicy scent he liked...

Marissa grew on me as she experienced a transformation of her own, but she's not my favorite heroine of this series so far. Havers can go screw himself, along with the others who want sehclusion for the females.

I guess V's story is next? Bring it on!