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Hi, I'm Jen, a psychologist/author (psycho author) in Columbus, Ohio. I write romantic suspense for adults and new adults. And I'm a voracious reader of romance and fiction. I love laughing, swimming, volleyball, and Grumpy Cat.

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The Guardian's Wildchild - Feather Stone Wild, Spiritual Ride

Taking place in a bleak future, The Guardian’s Wildchild is a mystical journey starring Guardian Sidney Davenport and US Navy Captain Sam Waterhouse. The Guardians are a powerful people who oversee and care for the planet and humanity. They secretly live among us, exerting their subtle influence. Some of us are “sleeping” Guardians who haven’t realized our power.

When the Guardians catch wind of an evil plot that will destroy life as we know it, they send Sidney to steal a computer file containing the sinister plans from the Naval Base. Sidney is a beautiful young woman with fiery red hair, perceptive green eyes, and sass galore. Unfortunately the Navy captures Sidney before she can complete her mission, and she’s sent to a ship to be executed.

The ship’s captain will have his world thrown asunder with the arrival of his ginger prisoner. Captain Sam Waterhouse feels like a prisoner himself since the underhanded admiral is basically holding his sons hostage to ensure Sam does his bidding. His wife was recently murdered, bringing some depth to his character. I love that Sam is a Japanese-American and I can picture actor Ken Watanabe in this role:


Sidney’s observations of life away from the Guardians’ island are intriguing. Here two seamen escort Sidney to the captain’s office.

Interesting, she thought when she realized she was copying their movement. She felt a sense of power and unity, of belonging and security. It would be so easy to let go of one’s own personal drummer and step to the beat of another.

She certainly goes to the beat of her own drummer! Sam is quite puzzled by Sidney, especially after conversations like this:

”Sidney, for the last time. Is there anything you can tell me that would give me enough reason to reject this execution order?”
She got up and went to the window. He swiveled his chair to watch her. She gazed at the ocean’s horizon.
“No.” She glanced back at Sam and grinned. “Unless you resign from the Navy.”
“You mean if I were to step out of this uniform?”
“Please, Captain. You know how easily I blush,” she teased.
“How can you make jokes when you’re just hours from being executed?”
She returned her focus to the ocean. “Trust me, Captain, I’m not looking forward to it. But I see the death of the body only as a release of my attachment to the physical world. I’d simply return to my true home.”

My favorite part of the story is the appearance of the child Savannah. The visions and the mysticism of the story really make her appearance beautiful to both Sidney and Sam.

I love the nickname Sam bestows upon Sidney during an intimate scene:

He kissed her lips, caressed her, wove his fingers into her hair and down her back. She teased him with her kisses and held her body close to his.
Finally Sam spoke. “Tonight I’ll hold you in my arms, my precious witch.”

The action and adventure of this story are entertaining, and I enjoyed the twists. I didn’t connect to the characters as closely as I would’ve liked, but readers who get into fantasy, romance, and mysticism will be big fans of this novel.