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Hi, I'm Jen, a psychologist/author (psycho author) in Columbus, Ohio. I write romantic suspense for adults and new adults. And I'm a voracious reader of romance and fiction. I love laughing, swimming, volleyball, and Grumpy Cat.

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Fusion - Maria Savva Quick, Quirky Tales!

I became aware of author Maria Savva from her friendly and supportive online presence, and I've been wanting to read one of her novels for some time. I chose her collection of short stories first because it was easily available on my Nook.

The initial story, "Valentine’s Card" was quite timely for me to read on February 14th. I loved the voice of the male narrator and how the “time” difference between the lovers gradually became clear. Very clever! In fact, many of the stories ended with a surprise, which left me wanting for more.

My favorite stories were about criminals and single women. Maria is an attorney in England and her expertise shines through when she writes the criminal mindset. The rationalizations her characters offer are brilliant. I also loved the meddlesome grandmothers trying to shove hapless single women into marriage. Back off, Grandma!

"Me and My Dictionary" cracked me up. The narrator is hell-bent on learning every word in the dictionary and using that word in a sentence that day.

So the rule is, I have to learn each word in the order they appear in the dictionary. That's why I find it annoying when they add new words, because I have to go back again and start over. Yes, all over again. For example, when they added 'chav' to the dictionary, I had to go back to 'C' and do them all over again. I probably would have been on 'K' by now, if it wasn't for that setback.

Poor Dictionary Nerd. ;-)

There's even a story about saving a clock tower, which reminded me of the movie Back to the Future.

After the last story we readers get a treat of guest stories by authors Jen Knox (great descriptions), Neil Schiller, Darcia Helle (nice murder scene!), Susan Gottfried, and Jason McIntyre.