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Show No Mercy - Cindy Gerard The Man Who Showed No Mercy Learns to Feel Grace

Thank you to Buggy for recommending Show No Mercy, the first book in the Black Ops series. I definitely plan to read the next six novels based on this excellent beginning.

After leaving the military, Gabe Jones and his "brothers" become part of Nathan Black's private security-mercenary-kickass firm "Black's Operations, Inc" (a cute twist on Black Ops. They're also known as Black's Obnoxious Idiots). Gabe is reeling from losing his buddy Bryan in war and his love Angelina in a skirmish with terrorists. Losing so much has left him cold and hard, with no faith or hope.

Enter Jenna McMillan, hotshot journalist with a sassy mouth and spunky spirit. She had been covering said terrorist skirmish in Argentina when she'd met Gabe nine months ago. Despite his rough demeanor, she'd fallen for Gabe, only to have him shove her on a transport plane and force her to return to the states without a hint of returning her affection. The rejection had burned her, and she'd come home to the family farm to cool off. However, her editor begs her to return to Argentina to cover a hot story.

Will she return to the land and the man that smote her? Will she run into Archangel Gabe Jones?

OF COURSE she will! And their reunion is awesome. When circumstances force them together, we are all in for a fun and rocky ride. A thin layer of hatred barely covers the unresolved sexual tension simmering underneath. Gabe is downright rude but Jenna dishes it right back.

"Your side." He nodded to the left side of the bed before he hobbled around to the right and sat on the edge of the mattress with his back to her. "My side. Any questions?"

"Well, it's pretty complex, but I think I got it."

Ha ha!

One of my favorite parts of the story is the little stuffed dog Jenna carries around with her, "Nugget". What a beautiful symbol of her vulnerability---softness you'd never know by looking at Jenna. But Gabe knows. And he's the only one who can peel off the layers to get to who she really is.

She does the exact same for him.

Her smile was as brilliant and as vital as the future she'd given him. Then she swore like a drill sergeant when Holliday laid down a full house that beat her flush.

God save me from this woman, he thought, and at that instant he realized that he and God had finally taken steps toward a tentative sort of peace.


The villain is appropriately evil and totally reminded me of the emperor from Star Wars. A side romance involving Juliana surprised and pleased me. I didn't find this first novel quite as emotionally compelling as Pamela Clare's I-Team series, but I'm eager to dive into the rest of the novels to drink in this romantic suspense goodness.