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Naked Edge - Pamela Clare Dances with Wolves Meets Romantic Suspense

Another awesome offering from Pamela Clare's I-Team series, and this one had a bit more depth than its predecessors. Naked Edge features Katherine James, a Navajo newcomer to the investigative reporting team at Denver's top newspaper. Kat is such a refreshing heroine -- a 26 year-old virgin who's spiritual and caring. Though she grew up with a loving grandmother, her mother and half-siblings have shunned her because her father was a White man who abandoned her and her mother. Kat harbors keen sadness from this rejection and vows never to fall for a man who's only interested in sex (like her father).

Enter "man slut" Gabe Rossiter, hee hee. Gabe is a mountain ranger *drools* who climbs mountains like nobody's business. He's scaling up a mountain face when he witnesses the overhang collapse beneath Kat, leading her to fall and suffer a severe leg break. He comes to her rescue and Kat believes she's seen the last of him until the police's intrusion on sacred Native grounds brings them together once again.

It took me writing this review to realize Naked Edge refers to Gabe's tremendous skiing ability (a ski "edge"). Clever layers of meanings abound in this novel, like the sight of a coyote signaling impending danger. When something bad occurs ever time Kat crosses paths with a coyote, I harkened back to the omnipresent wolf from one of my favorite movies Dances With Wolves.

The last couple of novels in this series have included more snippets of monologue from the leading men, and their self-deprecation has been quite humorous, like Proud of yourself, dickhead? and Not just virgin, buddy--extra virgin. I also liked the nicknames Hunter comes up with for Darcangelo, like "Dorkangelo" or "Dickangelo".

Gabe also entertained me with his post-coital musings, showing his interest in nature and the outdoors:

He supposed it was one of the great mysteries of life -- how having a good orgasm knocked a man out, but reenergized a woman and left her ravenous. Maybe it was an evolutionary thing that had enabled women to fatten up for pregnancy and produce healthier offspring . . . Still, Gabe supposed human males had it easy. If he were a male black widow or praying mantis, Kat would be munching on him right now, not carrot sticks.

There's a reason Gabe views relationships in such a cynical light, and Kat feels compelled to help him heal from his dark past. I love stories where the hero and heroine can heal each other through their love. Still, part of me wants to find a therapist for these troubled characters. I'd like to volunteer my services, especially for Marc Hunter. Wait -- that wouldn't be a good idea. :) *drools again*

My only disappointment is that there's only one more book available in this series at this point. Please write faster, Ms. Clare!