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Cat O' Nine Tails - Patricia Leever Sexy, Swashbuckling Female Pirate Wins Your Heart and Your Loot

It was quite a pleasure reading Patricia Leever’s Cat O’ Nine Tails. I love the idea of a female pirate, Aeron Lynch, with fiery red locks and intense green eyes. Handsome pirate hunter Orrin Walsh is determined to put a stop to Aeron’s thieving ways, but is there more than meets the eye with this sassy lass?

Indeed, things are not always as they seem, and there’s instant chemistry between the pirate and her hunter. Aeron has an intriguing backstory involving the queen—-the same queen who has commissioned Orrin to hunt down Aeron. I really liked how Patty handled Aeron’s post-traumatic stress. Orrin isn’t feeling so confident himself either due to his first wife leaving him. (Stupid wench!)

I think Patty did a great job of world-building in this historical romance—-the island jungle, the ship sailing on a the rolling, open sea, the rich language. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

She was a most unusual pirate: she did not take what she wanted with a sword and threats of death but with a sway of her hips and a promise on her lips. (Though Aeron is skilled with a sword, make no doubt!)

Describing William, the prince, who’s visiting Mommie Dearest to try to get Aeron:
He would dare a dance with the devil to have the company of an angel.

One of many poignant and *HOT* love scenes:
With her eyes squeezed shut, she steeled herself for his reaction, waiting for Orrin to finally see her scars. She listened closely for his gasp of horror, but there came none. Only sweet kisses as he traveled the length and width of her back. He slid the dress down an inch at a time, lavishing each newly exposed sliver of bare flesh with kisses and slow swipes of his tongue.

The queen talking to her son William:
”Do you really think that I would trust you to carry out this task on your own? Really, William,” she scoffed before he could even answer. “You can barely take a shit without assistance.” Damn, she’s cold!

Orrin’s brother Kale, a notorious ladies man, also gets some true lovin’ in this story.

The one thing that was a little strange to me what the choice of names for the romantic leads: Aeron and Orrin. I’m not sure how to pronounce Aeron but it sounds so similar to Orrin that it was a bit confusing at times. My brain also looks at Aeron as a male name.

I highly recommend this fun and sexy adventure! Wonderful job, Patty Leever.