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Dark Lover - J.R. Ward This series came highly recommended to me by Buggy and Lisa Sanchez. I thought Dark Lover was very good and I definitely plan on continuing with the series, but I still have some reservations about paranormal romance in general which I’ll share at the end of this review.

Beth is a likable character, a serious journalist who hasn’t had much luck with men. She immediately finds herself in trouble walking home alone late one night, and it’s evident she’s no shrinking violet. Unbeknownst to her, she has some major changes coming up in her life, changes which bring her in contact with the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

The brothers are six leather-clad bad-ass super-vampires who protect all vampires from the “lessers” trying to kill them. Wrath is the brother in charge, and Darius asks him to help his daughter. Wrath was just okay to me. It’s interesting he’s almost blind and he has decent depth to his character, but he didn’t make me swoon. Maybe the other brothers will? I just kept thinking how unwashed Wrath must be in his leathers and long hair and sunglasses. ;)

When Wrath and Beth meet, they’re both overwhelmed by their intense physical chemistry. I enjoyed their unlikely romance, even though it proceeds rather quickly. The sex scenes are somewhat explicit but not over-the-top and there seemed to be the right number of them.

Are there plans for movies to be made of these books? I found myself imagining the characters in my head to look like some movie characters. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Foul Play with Goldie Hawn, but Mr. X totally reminded me of the albino baddie in that movie *shudders*. And the scribe virgin reminded me of a little old Italian lady dressed in black lace, like Johnny Camareri’s mother in the movie Moonstruck hee hee.

One of my favorite characters is the human Butch, especially when he meets the brothers. “Tell me something, boys,” he drawled. “Do you wear that leather to turn each other on? I mean, is it a dick thing with you all?” (Butch is lucky he’s still alive after that comment). It was great when Butch and Vishous bond over baseball, and I didn’t see Butch’s romantic interest coming at all but I loved it.

There are some really clever lines, like the one describing Mr. X feeling thwarted by the cops: His jones for torture had a serious case of the blue balls.

Regarding the wedding ceremony, I thought the brothers should’ve definitely used “Beth” instead of “Elizabeth” for the back tattoo, yikes! Good thing her name wasn’t Anastasia Gwendolyn.

I have a thing for tortured heroes and I can’t wait for Zsadist’s story (or maybe he should be named Nmasochist?)

Overall it was highly entertaining and I’m glad I read it. And now a few words about paranormal romance.

Paranormal Romance: How do you like it? I realize many readers LOVE paranormal romance, but there’s something about vampires and werewolves and demons (oh, my!) that doesn’t resonate for me like human stories do. I’m so freaking fascinated by human nature that I don’t need the supernatural to enthrall me, I guess. Sometimes I even find the paranormal to be silly, rolling my eyes at a creature going *poof* or an elf casting spells. I think vampire purists might like The Black Dagger Brotherhood series better than Twilight (maybe having to do with the sparkly vampire business), but for some reason I really connected with Edward Cullen so at this point I favor Twilight. Mostly I really want to connect with the characters, and paranormal creatures make it hard for me to relate.

I don’t mean to be a hater – it’s just my opinion. I read somewhere that we might be attracted to paranormal or fantasy as an escape from the crappy economy and all the problems of real life. For those of you who love paranormal, what do you love about it?