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Hi, I'm Jen, a psychologist/author (psycho author) in Columbus, Ohio. I write romantic suspense for adults and new adults. And I'm a voracious reader of romance and fiction. I love laughing, swimming, volleyball, and Grumpy Cat.

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Celestial Seduction - Jessica E. Subject "Sweet Starman"

I met Jessica Subject through her blog Mark of the Stars (http://www.markofthestars.com/wp/) where she interviewed me after reviewing my novel. I’m happy to return the favor by sharing my enjoyment of her short story Celestial Seduction.

Science fiction isn’t my favorite genre but Jessica’s story drew me in from the beginning due to her excellent characterization. The story features Frey, an alien masquerading as a human, and Carrie, a woman recovering from her recent divorce. Both face conflicts. Frey’s betrothed has chosen another partner on his home planet of Ginnun. He’s finished his last mission on Earth but balks at returning home since Ginnunians don’t express emotion and Frey is a rather sensitive guy (my favorite). Carrie is unable to have children and is devastated when her ex-husband’s new wife gets pregnant.

Against her better judgment, Carrie signs up for a dating service. She’s extremely nervous for the first date and then feels so let down when the guy doesn’t show up. (Been there!)

Her date Frey is late because he’s been abducted by his military superior, who demands he returns home to Ginnun.

When they eventually meet up, there are some major barriers to their union. Both are insecure about their perceived defects, but both have much to offer the other. Without giving too much away, I’ll say I loved the way they met and I cracked up reading about the “nodules”. Very creative!

Will Frey and Carrie get their acts together? Read and find out! I definitely look forward to future offerings from Jessica Subject. It looks like she’s working on another story from the series featuring Carrie’s friend Tamara, titled Beneath the Starry Sky.