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Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard I can see why this book tops the Goodreads "Best Romantic Suspense" list. I loved the romantic leads, Jaine and Sam.

Jaine (born Janine but they left off an "n" on her birth certificate) is a 30 year-old single woman who's had three failed engagements. She's a pistol. Don't be rude to her or you're going to get an earful. She curses so much she's made an arrangement with her friends to pay them a quarter every time she swears, and Jaine is seriously shelling out mucho cash. She's infuriated by her slovenly neighbor Sam who wakes her up with his loud car and odd hours.

It turns out Sam is a cop and he comes to her rescue after a neighborhood altercation. (Not that Jaine needs rescuing). When she grasps for an excuse to get rid of him, she tells him she needs to stop her cat from coughing up a hairball, which leads to this dialog:

Sam: "You like hairballs, huh?"

Jaine: "They're more interesting than my present company." (p.68)

She's full of zingers! Then Jaine happens to catch a glimpse of Sam through the window, nude in the kitchen, and starts to warm up to the idea of him as her neighbor. I cracked up at her reaction.

"Sweet baby Jesus," she croaked, and managed to inhale...
She forgot all about his buns. He was more impressive coming – no pun intended – than he was going, and that was saying something, because his butt was seriously cute. (p.85)

Lest you think that Sam is taking too much verbal abuse, he can certainly dish it out too.

Sam: “Know why PMS is called PMS?”

Jaine: “Don’t you dare. Only women can tell PMS jokes.”

Sam: “Because ‘mad cow disease’ was already taken.” (p.202)

Ba ha ha! I also loved when Sam made Jaine and her friends line up to take a breathalyzer before they could drive home after a night of drinking and debauchery.

Both characters are strong, feisty, smart, and funny, and they need to use those talents to ward off the attacks of a psycho killer aiming for Jaine and her friends. “Mr. Perfect” is actually a deranged man who was abused by his mother and targets the women for creating a list about the qualities of a perfect man. The description of the killer’s motivation wasn’t the strongest part of the story, in my opinion, but otherwise I loved the book.

Highly recommended!