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Indivisible - Jessica McQuinn Are you participating in “Romantic Suspense” or “Men in Uniform” reading challenges in 2011? If so, have I got the book for you!

Indivisible is Jessica McQuinn’s second novel, featuring a young married couple facing the danger and forced separation of life in the military.

Charlotte “Charlie” Cooper (I love that name) is finishing her college degree and savoring the last moments of togetherness with her Navy SEAL husband Gideon before he leaves for six months on assignment. They’ve only been married one year and she’s feeling scared and bereft about his departure.

Gideon is a muscled bo-hunk whose heart is almost as big as his biceps. I loved when he knows he’s made a mistake with Charlie and goes about his bumbling yet charming way of trying to apologize. He’s smarter than he looks!

Gideon had me giggling several times, like when he was at a briefing for the mission and Charlie was sending him naughty text messages. He bounces his knee so hard he knocked the table, spilling coffee and drawing his superior’s negative attention. Later in the story:

“He sat with the phone to his ear listening to the horrible Muzak crap. ‘Like a Virgin’ was never meant to be instrumental. Despite his annoyance, he found himself tapping his fingers to the song, which irritated him even more. Then he started singing along, trying to comfort himself.” (p. 258)

I can totally picture the humorous scene of a Navy SEAL humming a Madonna song.

I enjoyed learning about Gideon and Charlie’s unconventional engagement via flashbacks throughout the first section of the novel. I also liked the complexity of Gideon’s family. Jessica McQuinn did a wonderful job creating vivid and layered characters for the Cooper family and their partners. What I liked most of all was the plot. The summary on the book jacket describes an “ordeal” Charlie endures during Gideon’s absence. I was expecting one thing but was quite surprised by what actually happened.

What I didn’t like as much was that the villain seemed a bit one-dimensional. I’m intrigued by the military and I’d prefer more chapters devoted to Gideon’s adventures, but I realize the focus of the novel is more on the family drama at home.

I definitely recommend this novel as a sweet and realistic love story. You will cheer for Charlie and Gideon to remain “indivisible”!