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Hidden Threat - Sherri Hayes I loved this book!

Hidden Threat by Sherri Hayes reminded me why I like the romantic suspense genre so much. Sherri created a compelling story about two singles meeting in unexpected circumstances, both drawn to each other but trying to deny their feelings to avoid an ill-advised office romance.

Cali Stanton is a physician returning from Africa to help out her father, the owner of a pharmaceutical company who has to take leave from his position due to an accident. She reluctantly agrees to take over in his absence though she’d rather continue her healing work for Doctors Without Borders.

Matthew Anderson is the head of security for Stanton Enterprises. He and his brother have been called in to sniff out a saboteur hijacking pharmaceutical shipments. The “hidden threat” is the very reason Cali’s father needs someone he trusts to take his place. Matthew is loyal and determined to neutralize the threat, though when he first meets Cali he’s hit by feelings that are anything but neutral.

How can he fall for the boss’ daughter? Matthew is full of integrity, but the attraction he feels for Cali makes it difficult for him to remain professional. Cali’s just as attracted to the blue-eyed hunk, though she’s quite confused by his hot/cold behavior toward her. Meanwhile, the threats to Cali’s safety intensify, and Matthew will have to call on all of his skills to try to keep her safe.

The angst about killed me in this story! (In a good way.) Sherri Hayes did an awesome job writing unresolved sexual tension.

“A deep blush crossed Cali’s skin, and Matthew almost lost it. This woman was driving him crazy. He wanted to touch her, to crush her to his body, and kiss her to within an inch of her life. Instead of doing any of those things though, he took a step back toward the elevators.” (p. 124).

Arghhh! Kiss her, Matthew. Do it.

I liked when they were watching a football game with another couple, trying to hide their amorous feelings for each other, and Cali was studying Matthew. It’s evident she loves him on the inside too:

“She found she was more mesmerized by watching Matthew than the game. That really shouldn’t have surprised her though. Matthew was captivating. He was brilliant and disciplined. His sense of humor was quick when he came out from behind the mask he wore. And he was sweet, warm, and loving.”

I want my own Matthew. *pouts*

Sherri’s writing style is clean and concise. Hidden Threat is a wonderful debut novel!