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Hi, I'm Jen, a psychologist/author (psycho author) in Columbus, Ohio. I write romantic suspense for adults and new adults. And I'm a voracious reader of romance and fiction. I love laughing, swimming, volleyball, and Grumpy Cat.

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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. finishing this book last night. Wow! I'm like an Avox: speechless. I think I liked The Hunger Games better overall (I felt a slight letdown when I found out about the Quarter Quell) but the political aspects of this series are fascinating. President Snow and his minions make awesome villains. The character of Katniss is the main reason I love this series, though. She is simultaneously tough and tender-hearted, and I'm amazed by the way in which she repeatedly faces death with gumption and panache. I think I slid over to Team Peeta with this story but I'm eager to learn more about Gale in book #3. Unfortunately I already own Mockingjay so I'm going to have to demonstrate a lot of self-control to attend to life and work and not dive in right away!